A 1000 thanks

This weeks challenge at Tiddly inks is: giving thanks!
So do it! :)
And check out all the lovely inspiration in the blog!!

Postat av: Leah Crowe

Emmy, this card is gorgeous!! I love that cutie pie you colored up, I think I need to grab that file soon!! Beautiful work!

2012-11-13 @ 14:08:23
URL: http://leahscraftylife.com
Postat av: Dilyana

Lovely card!!! :-) I like the elements you've put and your colouring is amazing!

2012-11-13 @ 22:14:01
URL: http://cardsandthoughts.com/
Postat av: Marlena

Fabulous card!

2012-11-13 @ 23:50:13
URL: http://marlenaspaperparadise.com

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