Good dog!!

My boy is not the best at walking in a leash, but sometimes everything works!!
He has his moments!
Lucky D took the picture in the exactly right moment :)

"Walking heel"
Everything is from the nook may kit, just added some flowers!

And wooooow!! Check out the kit for June!!
Cant wait til it gets here! Perfect for all spring and summer photos!
And sooo spot on for all the pictures I took last weekend with my sistahs from anotha motha! ;) ♥
(aka Zarah and Anna)

Kajsa is a cutiepie!

I stole these pretty pictures of Tettiz daughter when I last saw her, and Im so happy I did! :)
I used sketch #104 from Creative Scrappers and the lovely October Afternoon papers from the Nook may kit!

I just added some flowers and a prima swirl and it was finished!

Tribute nr 2

One cool chic!
The title and journaling is copied from a swedish song from 1961! A mayor hit with Lill-Babs!
Very badly translated she's a cool chic in a luxury wrapping Laughing
Well that fits this gorgeous girl very well! Her name is Malin aka Lillpiga and she doesn't just look fabulous she does gorgeous stuff with paper too, take a peak in her blog and prepare to be blown away!
She is the perfect mix of glamour and coolness and on top of that she's kind too!

So Malin, this is for you:


I did this LO at the crop in Ärla, this weekend!
A great crop and I will return, eventhough it took a 3 hour drive to get there!
Great and friendly people so a good and inpirering time is garanteed! ♥

Another dog-LO.. there's the dog whisperer and theres me the dog scrapper :)

Can you se the ressemblence? The big ears and that wide smile!

Another Lo made from the materials from the Nook may kit, looove those OA polkadot papers!

Jikes, if you think I'm even more confused and disorganised than usual its because I've been out on my balcony for the last 3 hours reading in the sun.. My eyes seems to have a bit of a problem focusing on the screen.. :D
I love spring and summer time! I hate beeing cold!
See you tomorrow!


This one is a true charmer! And look at those big blue eyes!!

Another LO from me, that has the honour of guestdesigning My scrapbook nook this month!

Everything but the Prima vine and the title is from the May kit, lovely lovely October Afternoon!

Im back after a long weekend, but definitly a lovely one! It contained both relaxing in the sofa watching rain, to partying with dear friends and a scrapcrop! And I even squeezed in a little silver-clay crafting with my mom! ♥
So check back tomorrow for another post!


Over at Simon says stamp they're celebrating with a blog hop!
Go and join in on the fun!!

I've made a pink birthday card!

New Magnolia stamp, coloured with distress ink refills,
Magnolia and Ridderholms designs papers, martha stewart punches (bord, leafs and butterflies),
flowers from wildorchidcrafts and stickles!

Thanks for stopping by!
I've tried to turn of the word verification thingy majig.. Not sure if I succeded! :)

Count to 8

This LO was made for a challenge at the Nook crop where we were supposed to count to 8, anyway we wanted!
For exampel 1 photo, 2 pieces of cardstock 3 patterned papers etc..

Fun and tricky challenge!

Its my friend Yngve who is the photographer! ♥ Beautiful!


I'm the luckiest girl!

My May has been fantabulous! I dont know if thats really a word.. but it seems fitting! :)
First I won one of the challenges in the Nook crop, and got a lovely Jenni Bowlin kit (I'll show you what I did with it later), then I won the blog hop!
And now they asked me if I want to play substitute for Zarah this month!!!??!
If I??? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Is a frogs ass waterproof? Do the bears poop in the forrest? :D

I've been playing with the May kit and its amazing, I've alwayes loved October Afternoon, but when Leah puts it togheter with embellies it just get so much more inspirational!

The one and only May kit!! Go get it now and recive a special promo if you sign up in May!
You'll receive a $15 shop credit or the next time your kit is billed they will take $15 off your next kit.

This is my first LO, and I have more later on to show you!!

Argos and Wilma, two very odd playmates!
She's short and chubby with small legs and he is a fast lean ballchasing machine! 
When a ball is thrown they both run for it..
Wilma barking like mad, and reaching maybe 2 meters before Argos has caught the ball already.
But they both love it!

A tribute to..

my big idol, source of inspiration and I dare say good friend even though I've only met her a couple of hours irl..
(soon I can add an entire weekend!! ♥)
This is to you, Zarah! You totaly rock!

This is a lift from her beautiful LO with Annika at her wedding day

Me and my brother, with wounderful Pink Paislee papers, prima flowers and pearlmaker.

You're one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, and you light up a room or forum with your precense!
Have a great weekend, hun! See you soon!


I love the scrapbookhobbie.. but sometimes Im unfaithful to it..
I love making my own jewelry and I love making my own clothes with my sewingmachine!
I was heartbroken when it broke.. due to my own fault  when I was trying to force it to sew in paper.. d'Oh!
But my motherinlaw gave me her old one! yaaay! ♥

I found these gorgeous papers from GCD studios and togheter with the Maya Road mini chipboard I was inspired to do a layout about my other hobby.
It was a long time ago now since I actually made something with it, but maybe Ill do a new summerskirt now or something!

I ♥ my sewingmachine

brother and sister

This weeks sketch at Creative Scrappers is made by Monika:

I loved the "belt" on it so that was a sure thing to incorpriate somehow!

It's me and my little(!?)brother this easter on our little art-exhibit-road-trip.

I think everything on this layout is from Prima!
Fun to be able to use an entire brand on the same LO!

Its Robin Hood!

Isnt he just adorable!? (feels like a word I've been using alot lately! :) )

Card after sketch 100 at Friday sketches:

Magnolia Fairytale papers, flowers from Wildorchidcrafts, Martha Stewart doilylace punch,
textstam from Hänglar & Stänglar, coloured with distress ink refillers


Pink it was love at first sight,
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right...


YES! I love pink! :) And I love Pink! Cant wait to see her show in Gothenburg in july!!
Well, heres a pink card! New Magnolia papers and stamp!

I just adore that little mini Tilda! ♥
After a sketch on Just Magnolia!

Buttons, bling and bow

I got a lot of new Magnolia stamps on Friday!! I love the fairytale collection! They're just so cute I want to eat them!! :)
Been playing all weekend with them and some new papers, fun fun fun!!
I always like having a purpose with a card before starting out, thats part of why I like doing challenges so much!
This week Simonsaysstamp had "bows, bling and buttons" as a challenge, heres my card:

From the side:

Papers from Riddersholmdesign, a new danish line I've never heard about before, lovely papers!!
The spotted paper is from the girls paperie.
No flowers?? I know.. feels strange, but I liked how it turned out!


It took over 7 hours for 3 girls to make me this hair!
I sat on a concreate floor the entire time, but it was worth it!
Theres a lot of fake hair in it, so the braids went all the way along my back down to my bum! :)
They where also very heavy so most of the time I had to wear them up or my head would hurt!
I kept them for about a month, they were a pain in the said bum to wash.. but I enjoyed having that long hair!
When I took them out my hair was very very very curly! Some I was able to keep and here I used one of them on my LO. I made this LO for a challange at the Nook! And it acctually got me a nice prize! Yaaay!


Papers from MME and the Nooks maykit!

Hello Africa,

tell me how you doin'!!
Good old Dr Alban! :) Brings back a lot of memories, that song..

Before I even knew about scrapbooking I used to put photos toghter with small comments and memorabilia,
so after my trip to Tanzania 2002 I put some of the photos in an album. And then I had my journal that I wrote in every day for the 2 month long trip, that stays fogotten in my desk. 
I still have tons of photos left, and the trip was a trip of a life time so Iäve taken some of them out again!

Still cant belive I've met a lion!! Simba! :)

Papers from Collage Press, flowers from Prima and wildorchidcrafts, pearlmaker.

Come back tomorrow to check out the hairstyle I left Bagamoyo, Tanzania with! ;)

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