Weeeee it's official!

You have no idea how happy I was when I got the email from Christy and Melissa asking me if I was interested in joining the team over at Tiddly Inks!!
Does the pope have a funny hat?
Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?
Does the bear poop in the forrest??
YES YES!! A thousend times YES! :)
Soooooo, here's my first card as an inker:
Beloved mother
Close to my heart - Wryn
Perfect for the #86 Challenge MOM
Mothers day is comign up! In Sweden its the 27th, wich I love coz I became a mother on the 26th! :)
So hop over to the challenge blog and join in!
ALso check in at the store blog to see Christys new fabulous stamp Be Bold, Be You Ballerina!

Postat av: Lou

wohoooooo Emmy!!!! huge congrats hun and super yey you are playing with us!!!

gorgeous card hun, I love the frame tucked in there too.

Huge hugs Lou xxx

Postat av: Lilla jag

Grattis Emmy! Jättefint kort. Kram

2012-05-08 @ 08:18:17
URL: http://skapatmedhjartat.blogspot.com
Postat av: Zarah

Helt adåraböl! Gillar den lilla braden massor också. ;)

Och kolla, du har fått en såndär söt tiddly-vattenmärkegrej! :D

GRATTIS till alltihop!

2012-05-08 @ 08:27:41
URL: http://zarischka.com
Postat av: Åsa aka scraphorse

Wohoo! Stort grattis och välkommen till gänget!! :-D

Du kommer vara en stooor tillgång med alla fantastiska alster!

Kram Åsa

2012-05-08 @ 10:00:01
URL: http://scraphorse.blogg.se/
Postat av: Annie Rose

Hi Emmy! Your card is so fabulous! Welcome to the Tiddly Inks team. :)


Annie Rose

2012-05-08 @ 10:05:23
URL: http://annierosemakesthings.blogspot.com
Postat av: Arabella

Woohoo! Welcome to the team Emmy! We are lucky to have you! Your card is totally beautiful! I love the twine around the frame!


2012-05-08 @ 10:51:47
URL: http://www.chickiechirps.blogspot.com
Postat av: Alyce

Emmy that is so exciting! I am so glad to be on the team with you :) I love your stunning layout and the beautiful papers!

2012-05-08 @ 11:30:03
URL: http://kitandclowder.blogspot.com
Postat av: Leah Crowe

Woohoo Emmy!! Congrats on joining the Tiddly Inks Team!! I'm loving your moms day card. it's so sweet!

2012-05-08 @ 13:20:03
URL: http://leahscraftylife.com
Postat av: Larissa

Hi Emmy, welcome to the team!!

Your card is really adorable! Love the pretty colours and the frame you added is really lovely.



2012-05-08 @ 21:41:19
URL: http://car-d-elicious.blogspot.com/
Postat av: christy

Welcome!! You totally had me giggling. Love the lovely creation.


2012-05-09 @ 00:35:25
URL: http://tiddlyinks.com
Postat av: Marlena

Such a wonderful card Emmy! I love your sparkly sentiment! Welcome to the Tiddly Inks team!

2012-05-09 @ 00:35:58
URL: http://marlenaspaperparadise.com
Postat av: christy

Welcome!! You totally had me giggling. Love the lovely creation.


2012-05-09 @ 00:36:19
URL: http://tiddlyinks.com
Postat av: Anonym

adorable card, congratulations on joining design team........youre cards are gorgeous, cant wait to see what you produce with chrissy's awesome images

2012-05-13 @ 09:40:14
Postat av: Annika - kort & gott

Grattis till uppdraget och till dem som fått dig som DT! Kortet är superfint och motivet är en klar favorit hos mig.

kram Annika

2012-05-17 @ 16:19:04
URL: http://annikakortogott.blogspot.com/

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