Nytt bo

New nest
Fab friday over in the tiddly blog today!!
Go and check out all the lovely creations from the DT!
I made this card with Wryn - New Nest to a friend that just moved!
Actually I'm visting her today so it's perfect!!
She has a daughter just one month younger then mine, so it's also a play date! :)

Old October Afternoon papers, atm my "go-to"papers, if you hadn't noticed! :)

Postat av: Zarah

Helt galet bedårande! :D

2012-05-18 @ 11:15:58
URL: http://zarischka.com
Postat av: Arabella

Gorgeous Emmy! I love little Wren in pink! The doily is lovely too!


2012-05-22 @ 12:54:48
URL: http://www.chickiechirps.blogspot.com
Postat av: Lou Mac

Hey girlie!! This is super cute - love the little banners and that polka dot paper is yummy!!

Enjoy your play date! :) xo

2012-05-22 @ 13:26:07
URL: http://lou-dot-mac.blogspot.com
Postat av: Leah Crowe

awww I adore your coloring on this image. It is beyond sensational Emmy!! Fabulous!

2012-05-22 @ 13:45:57
URL: http://leahscraftylife.com

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