Yay me!

I won the Sparkle challegne over at Tiddly inks!!! Wooohoooo!!!
I so much love Tiddly inks! I think I'd give one of my arms to join that crazy talented team.. or wait!
I might need that arm... so a leg? ok? :D
Well jump over there now and join their next challenge - Fabric Fun!!

Postat av: Zarah

Inget konstigt att du vann, det är ju universums sötaste blomsterkort du gjort!

...men GRATTIS ändå! :D

2012-03-03 @ 10:30:57
URL: http://zarischka.com
Postat av: Melissa

Emmy - this is SO beautiful I love it. I'm the DT leader for Tiddly Inks and I'd love to talk to you. Could you send me an email please. I provided it to above! I don't see yours anywhere and I'd like to chat!



2012-03-03 @ 18:22:42
URL: http://melissamade2.blogspot.com/

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