I love the scrapbookhobbie.. but sometimes Im unfaithful to it..
I love making my own jewelry and I love making my own clothes with my sewingmachine!
I was heartbroken when it broke.. due to my own fault  when I was trying to force it to sew in paper.. d'Oh!
But my motherinlaw gave me her old one! yaaay! ♥

I found these gorgeous papers from GCD studios and togheter with the Maya Road mini chipboard I was inspired to do a layout about my other hobby.
It was a long time ago now since I actually made something with it, but maybe Ill do a new summerskirt now or something!

I ♥ my sewingmachine

Postat av: Zarah

Ah, men du rockar ju på ALLT du gör, du - din rackare!!

Lövli lejawt åsså! :D

2010-05-06 @ 18:23:48
URL: http://zarischka.blogspot.com

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