I did this LO at the crop in Ärla, this weekend!
A great crop and I will return, eventhough it took a 3 hour drive to get there!
Great and friendly people so a good and inpirering time is garanteed! ♥

Another dog-LO.. there's the dog whisperer and theres me the dog scrapper :)

Can you se the ressemblence? The big ears and that wide smile!

Another Lo made from the materials from the Nook may kit, looove those OA polkadot papers!

Jikes, if you think I'm even more confused and disorganised than usual its because I've been out on my balcony for the last 3 hours reading in the sun.. My eyes seems to have a bit of a problem focusing on the screen.. :D
I love spring and summer time! I hate beeing cold!
See you tomorrow!


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