I'm the luckiest girl!

My May has been fantabulous! I dont know if thats really a word.. but it seems fitting! :)
First I won one of the challenges in the Nook crop, and got a lovely Jenni Bowlin kit (I'll show you what I did with it later), then I won the blog hop!
And now they asked me if I want to play substitute for Zarah this month!!!??!
If I??? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Is a frogs ass waterproof? Do the bears poop in the forrest? :D

I've been playing with the May kit and its amazing, I've alwayes loved October Afternoon, but when Leah puts it togheter with embellies it just get so much more inspirational!

The one and only May kit!! Go get it now and recive a special promo if you sign up in May!
You'll receive a $15 shop credit or the next time your kit is billed they will take $15 off your next kit.

This is my first LO, and I have more later on to show you!!

Argos and Wilma, two very odd playmates!
She's short and chubby with small legs and he is a fast lean ballchasing machine! 
When a ball is thrown they both run for it..
Wilma barking like mad, and reaching maybe 2 meters before Argos has caught the ball already.
But they both love it!

Postat av: Zarah

Du är bäst. Helt galet jättejäklasuperbäst. Och det är ett ord, för jag uppfann det precis. ¤nicka¤

Underbara. Snart ses vi!! :D

2010-05-09 @ 10:10:33
URL: http://zarischka.blogspot.com
Postat av: Annette


2010-05-10 @ 20:23:12
URL: http://hosmagdas.wordpress.com

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