Hello Africa,

tell me how you doin'!!
Good old Dr Alban! :) Brings back a lot of memories, that song..

Before I even knew about scrapbooking I used to put photos toghter with small comments and memorabilia,
so after my trip to Tanzania 2002 I put some of the photos in an album. And then I had my journal that I wrote in every day for the 2 month long trip, that stays fogotten in my desk. 
I still have tons of photos left, and the trip was a trip of a life time so Iäve taken some of them out again!

Still cant belive I've met a lion!! Simba! :)

Papers from Collage Press, flowers from Prima and wildorchidcrafts, pearlmaker.

Come back tomorrow to check out the hairstyle I left Bagamoyo, Tanzania with! ;)

Postat av: Zarah

Däääääämm vad snyggt! Älskar de mjuka, dova färgerna i kombination med de KNALLIGA! Assnyggt!

2010-05-01 @ 16:12:01

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