Whats really vintage and not in the scrapbookworld is debated, and Im nut really sure..
But I think this gives it a vintage-vibe atleast! :)

Last weeks sketch at Creative scrappers #94 was made by Kristine herself!
Love her sketches!! And we're getting closer and closer to #100!!! Big celebration being planned don't miss it!!

So heres my take:

Its my grandmother Viola (my dads mom) on her wedding day with her sister Ingrid.
I've photografed the old photo from an album, and its not me that cut poor Ingrids head, its the orgininal photographer! :)
I have enherited not only my grandmothers name, but also her figure.. Shes a little bit shorter, but still a tall woman, and the dresses and jackets that were sewed up for her in her 20ies fitted me perfectly when I was the same age! But I have my mothers face and voice! Love seeing where those bits and pieces of me come from!


Corrugated cardborad from Inkido, papers from graphic 45, bling and flowers from prima, more flowers from wildorchidcrafts, and the lace is actually an old collar that my grandmother has made!
Love using old lace she has made in my scrapbooking, its gives a certain feel.. hard to explain!

Thanks for dropping by!


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