My space!

Finally! We re-organised the flat ages ago, but I havn't showed the result!
You can see how it looked back in 2008, when I last updated the scrapspace here!
Then we had the small bedroom as scrap/hobby/computer room, and slept in the masterbedroom.
The big bedroom is big enough for two kingsize beds, so a lot of space we didnt use!

We spent an entire weekend re-organizing and trips to IKEA, but it was well worth the wait!

We got new desks that match so we can sit faceing eachother and talk while scraping/being nerdy!
(D likes to paint warhammer armies, wich he and my brother plays with)

My big shelf thats a cheaper copy of the IKEA Expedit. I got it for a real bargin!!
On top of it I have finished projects.
Top row from the right :
*things related to alter/bia
*tim holtz stuff/prima flowers/rubons
*cuttlebug/finished cards/alphabets and other dies
*favourite papers in shelves my mom made me, and D put them in
*misc stuff like stickers, chipboard, tickets etc
*flowers and buttons in small glas jars sorted by colour
*maps for bills and important papers
*shelves with cardstock
*maps for patterned paper, sorted in categories
furtest down:
* D's stuff (yes, wooow! he got one box all to himsel! *lol*)
* misc items, DT stuff
* beads and stuff for my jewelry making
* mounted stamps and other large stamps

stamps                                          flowers and buttons

My computer is to the right, and the IKEA storage thing I have all my mulberry flowers, miniroses and some misc stuff
A small tote with all my "need-to-reach-asap" tools
An old blue aschtray with beads and stuff that I havn't sorted into their boxes yet.

next to my computer under the desk I have four GLIS containers with brads/bling/ribbons/lace easy to just pull out and rumage through.. But I need to sort them out soon, coz they're overflowing!
On the other side of the desk I have a drawer with photos/punches/colouring stuff, like crackle paint, promarkers, distress refills etc..

Warhammer and warhammer!! This is also my brothers stuff that he somehow has ended up storing at our place!
In the big counter we have all sorts of things, it can contain sooo much stuff! On the florr is my broken sweing machine and the old one I got from my parents in-law! ♥ Need to fins a good spot for it!

The view from my place, D fiddling with his computer and the big game-table in the background!

I have to much stuff!! I so need to purge!

Thanks for stopping by! And welcome to visit me and my space irl! :)

Postat av: Jessica

Hej haha satt å skratta för mig själv när jag såg sista bilderna ^^ Min sambo håller också på med warhammer... Och skulle om han fick kunna dekorera hela huset med sånna gubbar :) Snyggt scraprum du har :)

2010-05-02 @ 19:38:31
Postat av: ele

Vilken bra placering med dator och pysselbord. Gillar hyllorna för papper din mamma gjort. Skönt att ha allt när aockså!

2011-04-21 @ 20:58:10

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