KOMA part 3

Phew! I still have some things to show you from the Kolbäck-crop!
So let's get down to business!

For the bingo-challenge I chose the row: flowers and leafs-bling-corrugated cardboard-no patterned paper

NO PATTERNED PAPER!!? I must have been nuts..
But hey, it turned out ok.. well it turned out great!! This is my most favourite LO I've made for a while now! :)
Screw Jante!! (hes a swedish saying that says you cant feel good about yourself! )

Wanna play fetch?


jenni bowlin mini alfa, thickers, pearlmaker, corrugated cardboard both from inkido and from an old wrapping, crackle paint, some tim holtz metall and stamp, flowers from prima and wildorchidcrafts, quickutz lamp post

This is a double slider folder thingy.. and even though I got to watch darling Knin/Anna make one first I needed a lot fo help getting it right!! (the hangover didn't help I guess.....)

I like you...

and when you pull the string two cards pop out:

.. like monster much! Hugs!

october afternoon papers etc!

My inspiration was working kinda low there on sunday... wounder why!? :P
So I got dear Tettiz to challenge me! She said I only got 30 mins to make a LO!
AAAAAAAAH! Panic!!!!!! She was kind enough to let me pick out some papers and the photo first..
and away I went..

I didnt make it!! When the time was up I didnt have a title, any text or any decos, just the papers!
But I got started, so I was thankfull for that!

We went to see Eddie Izzard before christmas, and I laughed so hard I couldnt breathe! please please come back to sweden!!!

grahic 45 papers and the usuall bits and pieces of embellies!!

I did make another LO.. but its a surprise for someone, so I wont show it for a week or two more!
Thanks again to all envolved for a GREAT crop! ♥


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