KOMA 2010

Im back and alive after this weekends superdupermega fun crop!
KOMA stands for KOlbäcks pyssel MAraton (KOlbäcks craft MAraton) and is a weekend of pure heaven!
34 girls in different ages meet in Kolbäck to crop with paper, beads, sewing etc.
It started on friday at ended at sunday afternoon, most people (myself included) sleep at the same place as the crop, some goes home over night.
We have our own very talented chef, how about fresh baked bread for every meal?! He makes so good food its incredible!! And this year we were also offered massages from a trained proffesionall!
Do I need to say how popular this event is? I will be returning year after year!
But the best part is the people! I've met so many talented and kind girls there! And I miss them so already!
Can't wait until the next KOMA!!

This is one of the LOs I made during the weekend.. it was made after a glas or two of vine, and I kinda just went with the flow.. :) The picture is me beeing goofy after a few drinks, so the occasion was very timed to scrap it :)
The fun part was that I acctually won one of the challenges with this! Yaaay! Thanks girls!

dare to be you, dare to be great, dare to be crazy!


fanfreluches papers, tim holtz stamps, prima and wildorchidcrafts flowers, prima and jenny bowlin alfa
doily lace punch and butterfly punch from martha stewart (thanks Malin for the loan!)

That was it for now! I tried to take pictures of the other layouts too, but it got to dark!
I will show you more later!

Postat av: Zarah

Underbart busig, påhittig, kaxig och Emmyig! Aj löv it!

2010-03-11 @ 08:10:10
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