This weekend we went home to Avesta, D was going to be nerdy with his friends and I was supposed to play with bronze clay.
My bronze thing got cancelled but I enyojed all saturday in the sun!! I even burned my cheeks and nose a bit! Freckles here I come!

Sunday we spent at Yngves waiting for the snow to stop so we could drive back to Falun!
Eat to much good thai food and watched movies and talked cameras.. I really really want to get a good camera and Yngve is the guy to talk too! Im not much wiser atm.. but Im getting there! :)
Im going to make him teach me everything when I finally make up my mind and buy one!

Sooo anyway, I love all his photos, and I secretly made a portfolio for him with a few of the shots I've managed to steal from him :P
I only scrapped the first page with my photos of him, and let his photos speak for themself in the actuall portfolio.

I made this at KOMA too, for a image-inspiration challenge. And now when he's got his present I can show you too!


One big piece of black corrugated cardboard from inkido, some websterpages scraps and letters, and the big alfa is from prima as is the vine.

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Tack! Den är finast!

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