Crop stuff!! hosted a crop some weeks ago!
Lots of fun challenges!!

Here is the lot I made;

Altered easter egg

Easter card
(and no, the easter crop actually starts now.. but I was a bit ahead with my easterplanning.. :) )

I stole this beautiful picture of Tettiz at KOMA, and the bingo challenge was perfect for it!
The voting was tight at the end! I think I finally came second, and lost to.. yes, Tettiz!! ♥


Sketch challenge! And Tettiz, had made the sketch! Shes just so talented!
This one I did win!! tjoooohoooo!!


And then there was the "White" challenge.. to scrap in white only.. you could add ONE colour and only a little bit of it.. I went totaly overboard with the "little" and got disqualified :D but Im happy anyway! I love how it turned out!

Emmas dear daughter! Cute cute cute!


Postat av: Tanya Tahir

wow Emmy, beautiful projects!! I love the white layout and the bingo challenge layout - gorgeous work!

2010-03-29 @ 08:15:43
Postat av: kathy

I love the lo with the roses beautiful

2010-04-02 @ 13:01:02
Postat av: y izzard

I love what you have done with the butterflies.

2010-04-02 @ 15:15:57
Postat av: Mahlin

åå jag blev helt kär i påskägget när jag såg det på pysselnet.. och din vita layout är ljuvlig.

2010-04-21 @ 22:16:07

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