Me and Argos cuddeling in the sofa!
Lo made for Magdas scrapfever ages ago! :)

Darn its hot outside this weekend!
And I've spent it shopping and cleaning out my closet..
I think I threw out 10 pair of fully functional jeans for example!
I gathered about 6-7 big bags of clothes thats to small/ to big/ ugly or just wore out, sorted it and folded it and will give it away to some charity. But I still have one big closet to go through.. and all my shoes!
So it will soon be more!

One week left of work, then its vacation time for 4 weeks! Jabadaba-doooo!

Postat av: Zarah

Du har MYCKET kläder du! ¤hehe¤

Underbar LO!

2010-07-04 @ 16:31:15
Postat av: JS Mill

Nästa jobb är att plocka ur vårt gararage

2010-07-04 @ 16:48:02

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