Love Notes

Im really into the card-making atm!
I forgot how much fun it is! And all my old stamps are as good as new when trying to use my distress inks.
I've had a lot of trouble with the paper "bleeding", but Iäve just baugth some high quality paper and brushes, so we will see if its the paper or myself that was to blame!
Practise makes perfect and I still have a long way to go!
Any tips in this area, (or any other area for that matter) feel free to share! :)

This weeks sketch on 2 sketches 4 you:

My take:

Henry the Mouse from WoJ, coloured with distress inks.
Paperscraps from Pink Paislee

Postat av: Monica

Vilket snyggt och stilrent kort! :-) De röda färgklickarna gör verkligen susen :-) Ha en fortsatt trevlig helg!

2010-01-30 @ 19:22:33
Postat av: Laura Davis

Awwwww this is so cute! We have pet mice :)

Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!


Postat av: Anonym

What a sweet Valentine! Love the little mouse! Thanks for playing! :) Kathy

2010-01-31 @ 01:02:13
Postat av: cheryln

darling!! absolutely darling!

2010-01-31 @ 03:43:07
Postat av: Zarah

Guvasött! :D

2010-01-31 @ 08:30:22

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