mini album - our love!

Theres a fun contest at svenskscrapbooking with minialbum theme.
I just had to do this one since I bought the Maya Road heart-album as an add-on to the january kit at the Nook!


added some flowers, bling, and the Melissa Frances frame, the rest is from the kit!

From the side:

Thick and lovely! ♥

My boys

kling-kling is one of our nicknames for eachother, short for "älsklings älskling" -> darling darling or something silly cute like that, haha!

My little family

My hearts just melts when I spot these two deep in "conversation" :)

mini holiday, love our little trips and excursions togheter

you and me ♥


Theres another contest at svenskscrapbooking that will go on all year...
This month: make 1 xmas card, next 2, etc.. at december you'll have 72 cards done!!
I'm thinking of joining this! Then I might not have so much panic this year... :D 

Postat av: Ingelöf (Ninne)

Ohh vilket underbart fint album! :-)

2010-01-27 @ 08:25:55

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