The reason..

..why to scrapbook (if not for all the gorgeous products out there) is simple,
you get to keep memories and family history and pass it on.
Mostly I dont take this hobby that serious, I just do it because its fun, I get to make something pretty and I find it peacegiving to work with my hands and to create.
But these photos I have wanted to preserve somehow.
They've been fading away in my parents albums for soon 30 years, so I took a digital photo of them, tried to edit them to look as good as possible, and then I just had to scrap them!

I dont remember the 2 eldest ladies in the photos, and this is the only photo I've found of them with me.
So I need to keep them!

Anyway, back to scrap-business! :)
Pink Paislee has a sketch competition going on, last date to enter is 15 march so still plenty of time!
The only rule is to be inspired by the sketch AND use your favourite PP products. Read more at their site!

Easy peasy! I LOVE sketches, and I LOVE PP! ANd my alltime favourite line is amber road.. its just sooo gorgeous and the pages scrap themselves!

Heres the sketch by Valerie Salmon:

I flipped it 'coz it worked better with my photos, here's my take:

2*4 Generations

There I am, my first christmas 1980!
Top photo: me, my dad, his mother and her mother.
Photo 2: me, my dad, his dad and his mother

Its just me, my dad and my grandmother still alive and I so wish I could have gotten to know the others better.
My grandfather died when I was 12, and I still miss him heartbreakingly much!


Prima vine cut in 2, Kaiser bling, thickers, and the papers are as said PP Amber Road ♥

Postat av: CamillaE

WOw, så underbar! Gillar alla dina fina detaljer, Emmy!

2010-02-19 @ 19:59:03
Postat av: Scoobie

Så kult å scrappe "gamle" bilder. Herlig løsning på skissen!

2010-02-19 @ 21:53:05
Postat av: Rachel

Beautiful layout and I love your post about keeping memories alive. Very touching.

2010-02-19 @ 21:57:44

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