size - does matter

I lifted the very talented Stacey Michaud last week! Her LO Create was so gorgeous I just had to!
I love the simplicity and elegance she works with, it looks so easy, but is oh so hard!

I used a couple of pictures of Argos when on a walk in the woods. He likes to pick up sticks to carry around.. the bigger the better! Sometimes there not sticks, more like small trees! Smile

My absolute favourite paperline I think! Pink Paislees Amber Road.. I only have small small scraps left!
*iiik* and I cant find them all in any swe webshop.. d'oh!
I really need more of that dark patterned one, and the scalloped, and the red...


Thanks again for the inspiration Stacey!

Postat av: Willea

Jisses, så snyggt! Gillar massor!

2010-02-08 @ 21:49:39
Postat av: Zarah

Grymmingsnygg lift! Aj löv it!

2010-02-09 @ 08:05:24
Postat av: Marja/Miss Deerest

Så inspirerande! :) Har sett dina alster på Pink och The Nook, gillar verkligen din stil och att du scrappar din hunds vardag. Keep up the good work..

2010-02-09 @ 20:27:50

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