Daddy & the Doll


Today I'm happy!
My darling D came home from his course, finally!! The trains were very very delayed yeasterday, so instead of showing up at midnight, he arrived around lunch today.. He got to sleep in a hotel at least, so it wasnt all togheter horrible!
Theres just so much snow here, I almost didnt make my walk to work this morning.. No plows out by that time so I have to force my way trough all the newly fallen snow! Thank heavens for great shoes!!

Well, anyway, I did another challenge over at Magdas, a scraplift from Pernilla Tj
My take:

LilyBee French Couture papers, Martha Steweart hydrangea punch, flowers from prima and IKEA, thickers, old buttons

The pic is on my dad and my fav doll when I was very very young! Just look at how young my dad looks! :) Cute, right? I used to call all my dolls Britta.. except the one with broken blinking eyes.. she was called Blind-Britta..

Postat av: Karin/essmo

Härlig layout! Jättefina blommor! =)

2010-02-07 @ 15:54:11
Postat av: Tettiz

Du är så galet duktig!! Underbart fin LO!

2010-02-07 @ 19:03:22
Postat av: Wati Basri

such a precious layout :)

2010-02-07 @ 23:44:11

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