Happy Birthday to me!

Well one day in advance, but I wont be able to blog this weekend so here goes! :)
Im starting to celebrate in a couple of hours when I will treat my coworkers with some (hopefully) nice snacks for the afternoon coffeabreak!

I made these yeasterday, a raspberry cupkake with chocolate on top! yummy!!
And I also made sugarpaste butterflies to decorate them with, I realised to late that I should have bended the wings upward a bit before they dried and they got a bit thick... But hey, live and learn, right?  :)

Have a great weekend everyone! And some I will see on saturday when my big 80ies partyshabaaaang take place! Its a custume party... and I will look something like this:

or at least as close as I can possibly get!! ROFL!

Postat av: Zarah

I wanna come to the party sooo badly, you know. Where's Scotty, when you need him?!

desperately hollers for Scotty to beam her up

Love ya, babelicious!

2010-08-26 @ 12:51:14
URL: http://zarischka.blogspot.com
Postat av: Malin ~ Lillpiga

dreggler, dreggel Vill ha!!!

2010-08-26 @ 13:31:29
URL: http://lillpiga.blogspot.com

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