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This Bounce is "free-style" ~ meaning there is no correct order to bounce from Blog to Blog.

All Sketches posted on the designers blogs have been created by our readers and some past sketch designers.
All sketches submitted were given to DT members and they selected their favorite sketch to featured!

When you're finished bouncing around the Creative Scrappers DT blogs,
bounce back to the Creative Scrappers site to leave a final comment !

You'll have the entire weekend to bounce around!

Here you will find links to all the Creative Scrappers designers participating in the bounce.
Each of them have a RAK to give away and all you need to do is leave them a comment on their blogs!!! 

    * Helena Johansson 
    * Kaori Watanabe 
    * Nicole Nowosad 
    * Patti McCarthy 
    * Tajanee White
    * Wati Basri
    * Yumiko Ubakata  
    * Delaina Burns 
    * Helén Westén

     * Issa Lucido  
    * Jill Sarginson 
   * Loredana Bucaria  
    * Marielle LeBlanc
    * Mija Comstad

      * Stephanie Hart  
    * Tanya Tahir  
    * Kristine Davidson 
     * July Gaceta

On Monday, April 5,  winners will be announced throughout all the DT blogs!

No completed layouts are required, just visit the blogs and leave a comment!  
Have a great weekend Bouncing Around!

(But if you do complete this sketch, please link me up! I would love to see what you've done!)


I chose this sketch by Ann-Katrin:

I loved the sketch, but at the same time I was a bit intimidated since its not my style!
But thats also a very strong reason to give it a go!!

Here's my take:

Tattered angels glimmer mist, slate and pink taffy
Prima papers and flowers
Melissa Frances frame
Odd bits and pieces and ofcourse pearlmaker!
Lots and lots of pearlmaker!


And now!!
My RAK for you!

Since spring is hopefully here soon, I thought it would be apropriate with
an outdoorsy theme, with birds, flowers, happy colours etc!

It's easy to win!
Simply leave me a comment that you were here and
participating in the blog bounce!

Winner will be announced on Monday, April 5.
You'll have to come back on Monday to see if you are a winner!

Thanks for stopping by and Have Fun bouncing!

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Postat av: Anonym

Gorgeos layoutsweetie I am speechless

2010-04-02 @ 12:50:26
Postat av: Jill Sarginson

okay totally swoons .. you did an AMAZING job with that sketch - wowza girl!

2010-04-02 @ 13:01:56
Postat av: Anonym

I blog bounced over here and Im so glad I did, I love the delecat layout the glimmer mist really work here. I love the flowers

2010-04-02 @ 13:03:31
Postat av: sheila danforth

Gorgeous lo, you rocked it!!!!

2010-04-02 @ 13:07:28
Postat av: Chiqui Gutierrez

Your layout is perfect! I love it!

2010-04-02 @ 13:12:13
Postat av: Helén

Wow, wow - simply gorgeous!! You rocked that sketch!!

2010-04-02 @ 13:16:28
Postat av: Kate Anne

This layout is gorgeous. Love the misting and the details...

I'm happily bouncing away!!

2010-04-02 @ 13:18:55
Postat av: Letizia

how wonderful! I hope to get lucky!

2010-04-02 @ 13:21:45
Postat av: Marielle

Beautiful details !! love the butterflies !

2010-04-02 @ 13:27:07
Postat av: Kerryn

Wow what an amazing sketch! And your layout is divine!!!

2010-04-02 @ 13:28:52
Postat av: Christel

beautiful lo!!!

2010-04-02 @ 13:29:52
Postat av: valentina

Hello!!! wonderful blog:-)

2010-04-02 @ 13:32:38
Postat av: Monique

I can see why you chose that sketch, it really suits you (even though you say it's not your style!) I just love your take on it!

2010-04-02 @ 13:46:50
Postat av: Jocelyn

Oh how cute is this....I LOVE IT!!!!

2010-04-02 @ 14:05:57
Postat av: kelly

this sketch is just fab!! I love your take on it and now I am inspired!

2010-04-02 @ 14:14:24
Postat av: irene

beautiful sketch, and what fantastic Rak!

2010-04-02 @ 14:16:21
URL: http://[email protected]
Postat av: lisse74

thanks for the chnce of winning!

2010-04-02 @ 14:16:30
Postat av: Tina

Love this layout, love the butterflies and Glimmermist!!

2010-04-02 @ 14:18:53
Postat av: Wilma

Kudos to you for stepping out of your "style" Very lovely

2010-04-02 @ 14:21:53
Postat av: Ross

Il tuo LO è bellissimo!!!! Io provo a partecipare...un abbraccio

2010-04-02 @ 14:23:02
Postat av: gloria (gloxy)

hello! I'm a Italian girl! your LO is really beautiful! kisses, Gloria.

2010-04-02 @ 14:27:37
Postat av: Jordan

I am so glad i came over here!! the RAK is beautiful!!

2010-04-02 @ 14:27:37
Postat av: AnnaKnin


OMG, what an awesome sketch and what a BEAUTIFUL layout and what a fantabulous blogg-candy!!! :D



2010-04-02 @ 14:37:54
Postat av: Kristine

Emmy, i love your Boing Boing Boing title!!! Appropriate.

Thank you so much for being part of this celebration with me and CS!

Your layout is fantabulous and showcases this sketch so well


2010-04-02 @ 14:42:50
Postat av: Wati Basri

oh your take on the sketch :)

2010-04-02 @ 14:48:05
Postat av: Me-Ma Kim


2010-04-02 @ 14:49:09
Postat av: Patti

AWESOME layout!!!!

Postat av: Lara

I love "Creative Scrappers",for all!!!!!!!Always lovely sketch and ideas!!!!! ^_^

2010-04-02 @ 14:51:43
Postat av: Amelia

What a great way to start off the blog bounce! Thanks for sharing.

2010-04-02 @ 14:59:41
Postat av: Julie

Great sketch and I love your take on it.Beautiful layout for sure!

2010-04-02 @ 15:03:51
Postat av: scrapperita


happy birthday creative scrappers!

2010-04-02 @ 15:04:19
Postat av: julie

Wow love the layout you have done from the sketch.

2010-04-02 @ 15:05:24
Postat av: Daisie

Such a great layout! you did a fantastic job! Very impressive! I am also jealous of your scrap space! Great work!

Postat av: Luciana

beautiful layout, a greeting from Italy!!!

2010-04-02 @ 15:21:34
Postat av: Janice Muñoz

just blog bouncing..:)

love the details in your LO!:) and love your RAK..;) hehe!!

And saw your other posts.... I love your workspace!:) wish I have some space to work on too.. hehe!!

2010-04-02 @ 15:25:06
Postat av: brainybairn

Love the layers and details!!

2010-04-02 @ 15:29:13
Postat av: Ali Marla

This layout is gorgeous. Wonderful blog!!

2010-04-02 @ 15:54:26
Postat av: Christy

I love this layout! I've been looking for inspiration to scrap all my relationship pics and you have inspired me!

2010-04-02 @ 15:54:39
Postat av: Sarah

LOVE the trail of butterflies. Great layout!

2010-04-02 @ 15:56:00
Postat av: Michele

Gorgeous page! I love all the dimension! The details are lovely!

2010-04-02 @ 15:56:52
Postat av: Dorrie Saya

This is gorgeous.. I love that sketch and your interpretation.. probably one of my favorites so far!

2010-04-02 @ 15:57:10
Postat av: Laura

Wow, beautiful layout!!!



2010-04-02 @ 15:59:51
Postat av: Whitney Werling

Beautiful take on the sketch - Love it!

2010-04-02 @ 16:19:59
Postat av: Reneesdrpa

Thanks for thinking of others... I like the layout from the sketch!!

2010-04-02 @ 16:21:20
URL: http://null
Postat av: Christina S

Boy did you pick a scary looking sketch!! Hahaha....your layout is absolutely gorgeous though :)

2010-04-02 @ 16:24:16
Postat av: Szilvii

All i can say is wow, i love it:)

Than you for the chance to win, and happy Easter:Szilvi

2010-04-02 @ 16:34:09
Postat av: Erica Warlow

Oh my goodness, this is SO gorgeous!!

2010-04-02 @ 16:36:09
Postat av: Anonym

Just stunning!

2010-04-02 @ 16:37:58
Postat av: Evi

Wauw! What a great take of the sketch. It's absolutely fabulous!

2010-04-02 @ 16:40:42
Postat av: Tracy Mittleholtz

I love the look of the glimmer mist - going to a class soon.

2010-04-02 @ 16:43:35
Postat av: lana Day

boing boing i'm bouncing

2010-04-02 @ 16:45:18
Postat av: Zarah

WOW, Emmy! Sååååå snygg!!

2010-04-02 @ 16:49:15
Postat av: Jackie

Your layout is amazing!! You're really talented!

2010-04-02 @ 16:53:42
Postat av: Anna (kruttan)

Supersnygg tolkning, du är så otroligt duktig / Kruttan

2010-04-02 @ 16:59:07
Postat av: Isabel Wood

Amazing Layout!

2010-04-02 @ 17:02:16
Postat av: Krystle

I love your interpretation of that sketch! This blog bounce is amazing!

2010-04-02 @ 17:05:41
Postat av: Genevieve

J'aime beaucoup l'interprétation du sketch!


Postat av: mariko


this LO is so cool and elegance!!

2010-04-02 @ 17:24:20
Postat av: Crystal

I blog hopped here! Your take on the sketch is gorgeous. I love the photo and all the beautiful flowers and butterflies. Love the work you did with the pearlmaker! Well Done!

Postat av: Leire

Really cute layout!! love glimmer misting!!

2010-04-02 @ 17:41:01
Postat av: Laura

love the layout your work is fabulous! great sketch to play with too!

Postat av: MAGiALENA

amazing interpretation!

2010-04-02 @ 17:54:27
Postat av: Floriana

Love your Layout and also the butterflies!



2010-04-02 @ 18:22:53
Postat av: lilith

Your LO is gorgeous...


2010-04-02 @ 18:32:42
Postat av: laurie marmon

I think you handled the sketch beautifully. So pretty. Love the trail of butterflies.

2010-04-02 @ 18:37:19
Postat av: jeanie nieva

fantastic lo and great giveaway.thanks for sharing.

2010-04-02 @ 18:43:24
Postat av: taj white

wow I love what you did with that sketch. Amazing layout, and I love that RAK!!

2010-04-02 @ 19:24:40
Postat av: saxon

wow you really did an awesome job with that layout!!! It is fabulous!!!

2010-04-02 @ 19:30:24
Postat av: Tere

I have no words to describe this work of art!!


Postat av: Willea

Underbar layout, Emmy!!!

2010-04-02 @ 19:46:09
Postat av: Stephanie Gruss

I love what you've done with this sketch and you are certainly brave for taking on this sketch!

2010-04-02 @ 19:57:58
Postat av: Rowena

BOING! BOING! Great job with the layout from the sketch from Ann-Katrin! I've printed it off for inspiration! I love how you share your hobby space!

2010-04-02 @ 20:04:38
Postat av: JoAnn Hart

Very nice LO. I love how the butterflies are fluttering away!

2010-04-02 @ 20:22:11
Postat av: Kathy

I adore this layout! You did such a wonderful job considering you said this is not your particular style. WOW! I'm participating in the blog bounce over at Creative Scrappers. Love you blog!

2010-04-02 @ 20:33:02
Postat av: Sandra

The first blog I visit during this bloghop and already blown away by your layout! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

2010-04-02 @ 21:03:17
Postat av: Annelie Maddock

Underbar LO, har Du gjort blommorna själv? Kanonsnygga hur som helst!

2010-04-02 @ 21:20:26
Postat av: Annelie Maddock

Sorry, fel bloggadress i förra inlägget...

2010-04-02 @ 21:21:44
Postat av: Angie

Wow, that sketch is great and the layout you created in absolutely beautiful!!

2010-04-02 @ 22:03:33
Postat av: Timi Mercado

I love your take! Great misting effect.

2010-04-02 @ 22:06:46
Postat av: Camilla

Such a lovely layout you've done!

i absolutely love it♥

2010-04-02 @ 23:18:53
Postat av: Sharon H

WOW!!! I had to look twice. I thought that you did this digitally! What a beautiful layout!

2010-04-02 @ 23:33:48
Postat av: Tina Phillips

what a beautfiul layout!! Like the comment above me, I thought it was digital, and i was impressed with it then....when I saw it was paper I was floored!! Stunning!

2010-04-02 @ 23:51:33
Postat av: Kelly

Its my first visit to your blog. So glad the Bounce sent me your way. Beautiful LO!

2010-04-03 @ 00:03:07
Postat av: melissa (aussiescrapper)

This is just amazing, wow, the sketch is beautiful itself but your take just rocks, I love your glimmermisting, truly gorgeous.

2010-04-03 @ 00:23:51
Postat av: susan

Butterflies are my current favorite. Love your design.

2010-04-03 @ 00:27:58
Postat av: Heidi Mattessich

Gorgeous layout! Thanks for offering the chance to win such a generous RAK!

Postat av: Lisa in Texas

Gorgeous sketch and AWESOME layout! Love the pink mist...gotta get that color! YUM!

2010-04-03 @ 01:00:23
Postat av: gisele

love all the butterflies and those roses rock!!

2010-04-03 @ 01:13:05
Postat av: Kris

What a beautiful interpretation of the sketch! I love those butterflies and flowers. Thanks for the fun blog bounce!

2010-04-03 @ 01:27:02
Postat av: HeatherH

Love this layout-very beautiful! Especially the butterflies.

2010-04-03 @ 01:32:46
Postat av: Nicole

BOUNCE!!! I think you rocked that sketch!!!

2010-04-03 @ 01:58:43
Postat av: Nicole

BOUNCE!!! I think you rocked that sketch!!!

2010-04-03 @ 01:59:47
Postat av: Lynda

Fabulous layout and sketch!!!

2010-04-03 @ 02:11:33
Postat av: Dory

Oh my God! sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!

2010-04-03 @ 02:26:46
Postat av: Stephanie

Boing Boing! What an amazing page! TFS :-)

2010-04-03 @ 02:34:45
Postat av: Lisa Haas

Love all the dimension you have on your layout! Love this sketch and how you highlighted it!!!!

2010-04-03 @ 02:45:22
Postat av: Colleen

Wow, that is awesome you would never know that it is not your style. I love it.

2010-04-03 @ 02:56:35
Postat av: Tiffany

Just bouncing through!

2010-04-03 @ 03:03:10
Postat av: Issa

Woohoo... its great to be here once again! Love your take on the sketch!

2010-04-03 @ 03:06:17
Postat av: Alissa

WOW!!!! What an amazing layout. I love all the detail. GREAT JOB.

2010-04-03 @ 03:13:01
Postat av: sonia

grazie della possibilità, magnifico LO complimenti sul serio è stupendo.

2010-04-03 @ 03:35:03
Postat av: Alisha Boddy


2010-04-03 @ 03:36:58
Postat av: angi aka jinxi~

Beautiful job with the sketch.. its always good to challenge ourselves.. you did great!

2010-04-03 @ 03:51:52
Postat av: Tammy Lever

for a sketch out of your comfort zone, you did a fantastic job! I love it!

2010-04-03 @ 03:52:20
Postat av: ytet

Wow! Great choice of sketch and your take too!

2010-04-03 @ 04:12:22
Postat av: Karen Lee

I'm bouncin'......beautiful work!

2010-04-03 @ 05:07:18
Postat av: Anonym

Awesome sketch! Love your design! Bouncing!

2010-04-03 @ 06:12:41
Postat av: Jennifer Hansen

Love the butterflies on the layout!

Postat av: Amelia khalik

Wowwww such a beautiful layout. I love the many details n that frame!! So vintage!! :)

2010-04-03 @ 06:16:26
Postat av: Stephanie Hart


2010-04-03 @ 06:56:26
Postat av: jamie harder

Gorgeous layout!!! You rocked the sketch:-)

2010-04-03 @ 07:15:47
Postat av: Wanita K.

Fabulous layout!

2010-04-03 @ 07:28:45
Postat av: Megan Ann

I was here for the blog bounce and really enjoyed your choice of sketch and your take on it!

2010-04-03 @ 07:38:53
Postat av: meguyuri

It is very wonderful LO.

I might also improve the level a little more if mimic even by one and seen.

2010-04-03 @ 08:33:02
Postat av: Paola Etta

Stunning LO and your blog is really wonderful!...and now on with the bounce. Ciao!

2010-04-03 @ 08:56:30
Postat av: eyovine

Vilken underbar skiss!! Å du har tolkat den sååå fint. Glad påsk =).. nu hoppar jag vidare ;)

// Maja

2010-04-03 @ 09:11:07
Postat av: monica

happy birthday to Creative Scrappers!!

Love your page! realy wonderful

2010-04-03 @ 09:27:11
Postat av: KimS

This is my first ever blog bounce so I'm just going to ask, 'What's an RAK?'

2010-04-03 @ 10:26:48
Postat av: Beckie Dreyer

Wowzers what a fantastic layout to start the bounce with. It is AWESOME! and the sketches is too.

2010-04-03 @ 10:29:11
Postat av: Liezl

nice LO and love to be here, too!

2010-04-03 @ 10:33:55
Postat av: Arianne

Wow, what an amazing LO!

Totally have to case this one, since it's so out of the box for me.

Thanks for showing it.

Now I'm off to bounce some more! ;0)

2010-04-03 @ 13:21:04
Postat av: Wendy

Great sketch! Love your take on it!

2010-04-03 @ 13:57:15
Postat av: Anonym

OMGosh, I just adore your layout. I soooo love this style but am too intimidated by it to try it, lol.

2010-04-03 @ 14:35:23
Postat av: Sandie

oops, forgot to fill in my details on my comment above

<i>OMGosh, I just adore your layout. I soooo love this style but am too intimidated by it to try it, lol.

2010-04-03 @ 14:35:23 </i>

2010-04-03 @ 14:36:41
Postat av: Laurie

What a great sketch and your layout is beautiful

love it..

Postat av: Lisanna

your layout is fantastic!!!!


2010-04-03 @ 15:58:45
Postat av: Vanessa Glass

The sketch is great and your take is fabulous! I love those butterflies.

2010-04-03 @ 16:55:03
Postat av: Wilma und Silvia

We like your LO, it's great!

Silvia and Wilma

2010-04-03 @ 17:05:55
Postat av: Anneliese

What a fabulous lo! That is gorgeous! TFS!!

2010-04-03 @ 17:18:02
Postat av: jc.chris

That is super gorgeous!! Everything is just perfect for the layout!! Thanks for the chance :)

2010-04-03 @ 17:20:28
Postat av: Wirda

Greetings.... thank you for sharing such a lovely layout... I am inspired by the sketch...

Postat av: SandrinEve

The flowers are so beautiful and the layout wonderful

2010-04-03 @ 18:12:34
Postat av: Becky

bouncing bye to check things out, beautiful layout, I love the title!!

2010-04-03 @ 18:56:00
Postat av: Patricia

Just beautiful! I love your mist work and those butterflies!

2010-04-03 @ 19:13:45
Postat av: tonya boone

i love this sketch and your take on the sketch.. very beautiful.

2010-04-03 @ 19:29:04
URL: http://
Postat av: lory

this layout is gorgeous!! So elegant and each particular is wonderful!

2010-04-03 @ 20:05:21
Postat av: Audra

gorgeous layout!! you did an amazing job with that sketch!!

2010-04-03 @ 22:55:24
Postat av: Astrid

Gorgeous page!! Love the misting, roses and butterflies, everything fitts perfect together !

2010-04-03 @ 23:25:55
Postat av: mica

This is my first stop. What a gorgeous layout!! Misting, butterflies, flowers... everything is beautiful!! Love the sketch you chose, too.

2010-04-03 @ 23:53:06
Postat av: carol

like everyone else i love those trail of butterflies on your layout!!

2010-04-04 @ 00:48:12
Postat av: Martine Labelle

oh wow! you really ROCKED that sketch! I would have never known it wasn't your style! it's really perfect! and what a sweek RAK too!

2010-04-04 @ 03:10:53
Postat av: HazelQ

Wow! You did an amazing job with that sketch :) I love the butterflies! Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous RAK!



2010-04-04 @ 03:52:46
Postat av: Jean Marmo

So creative and beautiful!!

2010-04-04 @ 03:54:38
Postat av: Jennifer Shaw

This is so lovely. Wonderful misting and I love those butterflies!

2010-04-04 @ 04:05:00
Postat av: Maree Gordon

I am totally gob smacked..your LO is amazing..there is just so much to see..

2010-04-04 @ 04:17:16
Postat av: Maryangella

Wnat a beautiful layout!!!

Good luck to all the ladies.

2010-04-04 @ 05:15:38
Postat av: cindy groh

Lovely LO. Those flowers and butterflies are beautiful.

2010-04-04 @ 05:21:44
Postat av: Barb T

Oh I love this!!!

Postat av: Jenny J


Kul med blogghopp!

2010-04-04 @ 11:37:19
Postat av: ILARIA S

I like you LO very much!!! a scent of vintage...

2010-04-04 @ 12:34:27
Postat av: Fabiana

how!!!!! it is beutiful

2010-04-04 @ 13:42:46
Postat av: Wendy

Beautiful LO!! Love those butterflies!! :)

2010-04-04 @ 17:15:05
Postat av: Stephanie Zito

Wow! Absolutely stunning layout!!! Love all of your details! Fantastic way to start off the hop!

2010-04-04 @ 20:03:33
Postat av: Ann-Katrin

Wow, awesome work on the sketch, love it! So many beatuiful details! Thanks for playing with my sketch.

2010-04-04 @ 20:43:59
Postat av: Anonym

Wow! Beautiful Artwork...I love it!!!

2010-04-04 @ 21:26:55
Postat av: Liv

Visiting your blog though the blog bounce on Creative Scrappers :-)

Love the LO you've created from that sketch, the butterflies are so pretty.

2010-04-04 @ 22:35:21
Postat av: LeAnna West

Love your use of white space. I sometime feel like I have to fill up the whole page. TFS!

2010-04-04 @ 22:38:44
Postat av: Lynn Dunton

I love this so much. I even showed my husband (draws in breath. I loved the subject of the layout and plan to do something like it myself, it sounded so romantic.

2010-04-04 @ 22:45:17
Postat av: ciacchina

bellissimo LO! simpatico giveaway! grazie

2010-04-04 @ 23:34:48
Postat av: ciacchina

bellissimo LO!!!! nel commento sopra, ho sbagliato indirizzo del blog :-))

2010-04-04 @ 23:42:27
Postat av: AniLi/Anita

Vilken superläcker tolkning av skissen!

2010-04-04 @ 23:45:31
Postat av: Allison Cope

Absolutely stunning!!

2010-04-04 @ 23:52:33
Postat av: Anita Price

wow!! beautiful!! so many gorgeous details

2010-04-04 @ 23:59:58
Postat av: Amie Lyn

Bounce, boing, bounce! I'm here, ready to play! Loved the sketch you chose and your take on it! Lovely!

2010-04-05 @ 01:14:18
Postat av: Audrey

Luv the sketch and a beautiful LO

2010-04-05 @ 01:51:23
Postat av: Amie Lyn

Bounce! Lovely projects with beautiful mix of embellies. Your style is infectious!

2010-04-05 @ 02:07:46
Postat av: Jackie

beautiful lo, love all the butterflies

2010-04-05 @ 03:02:20
Postat av: Kat

love your layout...its gorgeous!

2010-04-05 @ 03:27:33
Postat av: mj

what a great layout! you really rocked that intimidating sketch. Brave! and I really loved the simplicity of your previous layout...

2010-04-05 @ 03:27:48
Postat av: glamotte

Wow what a great layout, I love it!

2010-04-05 @ 04:19:48
Postat av: Ems Fronda

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the inspiration you bring us! Here's to more years of sketches and inspirations!

2010-04-05 @ 07:07:46
Postat av: Kendra

I absolutely love your page! The glimmer mist looks wonderful. So glad I hopped over to your blog.

2010-04-05 @ 07:22:57
Postat av: Marilyn

Gorgeous LO, love your interpretation of the sketch!

2010-04-05 @ 07:50:01
Postat av: Eleonora

wonderful layout!

love these goodies!


2010-04-05 @ 10:50:11
Postat av: jc.chris

This is super gorgeous!! Love your take :)

2010-04-05 @ 12:38:26
Postat av: Lisa

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

2010-04-05 @ 13:07:28
Postat av: Josephine

Your layout is totally gorgeous, love it!!!!

Postat av: April W

I was here participating in the blog bounce, and I'm glad I came...your work rocks!! ;)

- April

2010-04-05 @ 15:39:21
Postat av: myriemmg

love this sketch and your ayout is awesome ! the butterflies !!!!!!!!!!!

2010-04-05 @ 18:47:01
Postat av: Jacky S

wonderful layout.

2010-04-05 @ 19:06:36
Postat av: Susan Westberg

I adore what you did with the glitter mist and the butterflies. Great layout!

2010-04-05 @ 19:22:17
Postat av: Shelley

Georgeous layouts!!!

2010-04-05 @ 21:19:48
Postat av: marjo

pfff olalala this is a beautifull, georgeous layout !!

i love it so much !!

2010-04-13 @ 16:36:23

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