busy bee!

I just counted to 31 unblogged  cards and Los.. I've been busy!
But my mojo has found the mojo of his life, married her and got children! :)
So many amazing crops and challenges out there and Im so inspired!
The Nook kits were amazing when I started my precription one year ago.. but they just keep getting better!
And I cant wait for the next one when october afternoon Fly a kit will arrive in my mailbox.. and i accidently puched the buy button for Thrift shop too! :)
I've also been a total shopoholic lately.. And my mailman just presented me with 3 large packages!!!
Im so excited! I feel like a kid on christmas!! :)

Well enough talking! Time to show you something!
I dont relly know if I should putt everything togheter in enormous post or scatter them out wit a new post every day..

Lets start with what I did for pyssel.nets eastercrop;

Easelcard with Maja Design papers, Magnolia and Inkido stamp.
I looove those papers! So beautiful! And yaaay I got first place with this one!

An entirely yellow eastercard (with the exception of the small green leaves behind the flowers.
I think the paper is CosmoCricket.

The bracelet I made with inspiration from a yellow buquet of flowers.
Got me to second place!! Yaaay!

Well I think thats it for today! But stay tuned.. as I said I have a lot to still show you!!

Postat av: Ninne

Ohh så mycket fint, armbandet är ljuvligt! :-)

Ser fram emot en fullspäckad blog framöver..

2010-04-30 @ 10:56:02
URL: http://matbloggen-chili.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Anna

Hihi, det visade sig nu att jag röstade på just dina alster i croppen! Jo råck! :D

2010-04-30 @ 11:04:59
URL: http://annaknin.blogspot.com
Postat av: Zarah

Hur bäst som helst. ¤pekar på finaste bästa Emmisen¤

2010-04-30 @ 11:28:26
URL: http://zarischka.blogspot.com

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