Just the 3 of us

yuck... I'm home sick!
But I gathered my strength to do this LO after sketch #70 at Creative scrappers

This is my result:

Iäve used the lovely septemberkit from MyscrapbookNook!
Pink Paislee papers and rubons, maya road pins, prima bling, and then I added some thickers and flowers.
I heard that this kit is now sold out!! And I understand why, its totaly fabulous! And I'm guessing the october kit will be to! Can't wait!


Well its back to my sofa for me now.. *sniff*
Hope you all have a better day than me!


Postat av: Anki

Vackert Emmy!!

2009-09-22 @ 11:56:49
URL: http://skapatavanki.blogspot.com

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