Birthday girls

Now its safe to update with these cards coz I know they are delivered!

This one for Hanna I delivered myself at her party, togheter with Chris!
And I'm hitting myself for not taking a pict of the necklace I also made!

I cant belive Emilia is 21!! Shes my mothers cousins daughter.. and in my mind she's still maybe 10-12 y old.. time flies! :) Its acctualy her mom that wanted me to make a handmade card for her, she gave me some keywords to work with: pink, her love of her black bike, and cookies! (theres a picture of a cake inside, wich I also forgot to photograf)

I just love these vintagy-images! I use them all the time!!

Postat av: Zarah


2009-09-29 @ 17:54:53

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