smile and sweet

I thought I'd show you the LOs I made for the crop at Swedish scrapbooking now!

First a lift from Missmian:

You make me SMILE! Its my friend Es babygirl again, she is just sooo cute I have to scrap her over and over! :)
Graphic 45 Domestic godess papers, prima flowers etc all from the octoberkit from the Nook I just added some leafs and small roses. This kit totally rocks!!

A lift from scraparlotts card into a LO:

Life is sweet! well it is! :)
More from the Nook kit! I loooove those basicgrey alfa stickers! they're so thick and grooovy! :P
And that metalicbird from making memory vintage findings! I want more!

Postat av: Zarah


2009-10-16 @ 11:19:13
Postat av: Ingalill

Så fina! Den översta gillar jag bäst, fint foto, fina färg och allmänt jättefin!

2009-10-19 @ 12:27:03
Postat av: Emma

Hejsan drottning My! Grym som alltid, you make me smile! Kram

2009-10-20 @ 20:04:44

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