christmascard + matchboxes

I've been productive!!
I've made a lot of altered matchboxes,  16 of the small ones in different colours and 9 of the bigger ones!
Plus a large pile of christmascards!

the larger ones has a hÄngel coloured with distress inks on them.
thickets from Mirabyll.
sorry for the crappy picts.. but its dark outside here now when I come home from work, will try and get some pictures taken this weekend to show some more stuff!

Henry the Mouse from Whiff of joy!! ♥
Been playing quite alot with my distress inks, and we are getting more and more friendly..
But my fingers look like I've been dipping them directly in it.. :)

Postat av: Mago

Du är helt otroligt kreativ! =)

2009-11-17 @ 20:08:51
Postat av: Anonym

those match boxes are sooooo cute!! i really like your work!!

2009-12-06 @ 19:28:44

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