*does the happy dance*
there was a double or nothing challenge at the Nook, the top 5 would get 15points, the following 0 points and the others -5points!
the challenge was to use a photo that wasn't square.. i  really did have to give that some serious thought..
this is what i came up with:

 thanks to yngve my photografer!

and i just found out that i was in the top five!! this makes me so so happy!!! :)
Now i will have some nervous waiting to see wich 10 that goes on to round 3! iiiik!!
Wish me luck! ;)

Postat av: uve

Good luck :)

Kram Yvonne

2009-06-05 @ 16:50:21
URL: http://uves.blogg.se/
Postat av: Mago

Vad fint!!! Ser svinfräckt ut!

2009-06-09 @ 08:11:30
Postat av: Jossan

Hej kolla gärna in min blogg och svara på dagens fråga!:)

2009-06-09 @ 08:16:40
URL: http://jozefinesblogg.blogg.se/

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