Strut your stuff - win a kit

I thought I'd play a long for a chance to win a 75dollar gift certificate from the Nook
by strutting my stuff.
The best thing about it that YOU have a chance to win a faboulus kit from them just by
going to this thread on their forum and make a comment with a link back to me and say that you saw me strutting here!
A great chance to win some free goodies!

Puppy love - Argos and his friend Selma meet for the first time in a park in Linköping. I just added some flowers and bling, rest is from the July kit. Gorgeous stuff from BG!

More stuff from the same kit. And im soo addicted to crackle paint..
This is my old and good friend Es baby, little e :) The best blessings come in small packages!
Such a cute child!

This is the August kit from October Afternoon goodies.. love love love!! I've added some flowers but everything else is from the kit. Title says: I monkey around, the picture is from our day-trip to Furuvik this summer, a great day, and i just couldnt resist the giftshop.. i have som sort of thing for stuffed animals.. and i just had to goof around with it!

I've never been big on adding detail pics before, but I like looking at them on other blogs, what do you think?
Now hop on over to the nook forum and say you saw me strut so we can win some good stuff togheter!!

Postat av: Zarah

¤knäfaller & dyrkar hejdlöst¤

Du är fenomenal!!

2009-08-09 @ 15:28:36
Postat av: miapuh

WOW, ALLTSÅ WOW sitter o gapar o drägglar mer eller mindre.. satan i gatan Emmy du är grym

måste scrappa hajar sen :D ojoj... de vill vi :)


2009-08-09 @ 16:12:46
Postat av: Billy Krantz

Sicka fina grejjer.. du e grym Emmy :P

2009-08-09 @ 16:25:47
Postat av: petraso

gudomlig!!!!! Jag såg dig och berättade det på Nook bloggen!

Något mer Jag ska göra??? lite ovan på dom amerikanska forumen....

2009-08-09 @ 20:42:12
Postat av: Pysselpetra

fantastiska . gillar speciellt detaljen där barnet liksom sträcker upp armen och rör vid blomsterdekorationerna, men allt är mycket vackert!!!

2009-08-10 @ 07:18:07
Postat av: Rachel

Love all of the details!!!

2009-08-10 @ 14:14:02
Postat av: Emma

Gud vilken härlig blogg! Allt du gjort med din ma och pa, dig, mannen och lilla E, underbara. Du är grymmast, men det har du alltid varit! Saknar dig, kramar Ma

2009-08-10 @ 22:16:58
Postat av: Michelle M.

oooh, great pages! good luck on the nook contest.

2009-08-13 @ 05:25:50
Postat av: monique

Wow, your pages are truly fabulous!!

2009-08-22 @ 19:02:43
Postat av: Victoria

Love what you've done!!

2009-08-24 @ 19:12:45

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